Sean MontazeriMy name is Sean Montazeri. I am from Colorado. Being raised in the Rocky Mountains I have always loved camping, hunting, and biking. However at the age of 6 years old fly fishing was introduced to me and it now makes up who I am today. I can still remember my first brown trout that I caught on a fly rod on the south platte river in Deckers. From that moment on I knew that fly fishing is a sport that will stick with me until I die. I spend every weekend tying on my vise or sight fishing to giant fish on the south platte river in deckers. Fly fishing has now become more than just a hobby but it is who I am. Now today I spend every second of my time improving my skills by reading articles, tying new flies and learning from other pro anglers. Fly fishing has become a healthy obsession that will stick with me forever. 

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