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Sean Montazeri Fall is in the air and the browns are starting to heat up! Recently My buddy and I went to Vail, Colorado to fish  Gore Creek. Even though this a creek it can hold browns over 20 inches! I have fished this creek for many years now, and we usually fish hoppers and nymphs but this time with the cold air and higher flows we decided to streamer fish. When we were putting our waders we could feel the cold air piercing in our lungs.The whole fall atmosphere in the heart of the mountains really pumped us up for some big browns. I rigged up a size 6 flashy woolly bugger with legs and we headed toward our spot. The stretch we would be fishing that morning was filled with pocket water and deep runs. We slammed the banks and boulders with our streamers getting takes here and there but nothing really committed to take our streamers.

It was still early morning as we walked along the bank trying to find a good spot. We came up to a quiet run deep filled with boulder and pockets. I quickly made a couple casts up and a across but still nothing took my bugger. I was about to move on to the next pocket when I saw what I could be missing so I made a cast in about a foot of water behind a boulder and then BOOM! The water erupted and the fish tore through the surface and was booking it downstream, my friend noticing I had a fish quickly took my fishpond mid-length net and scooped the fish before he was going to be out of sight and possibly gone. In the net was a healthy 16 inch brown trout. Shaking with excitement I grinned for the camera and we released the fish.

This time I learned a lot about never giving up and being persistent. Also changing the speed of the wooly bugger really helped.The fish were really liking the fast strips followed by long pauses. The fish that I caught, I didn’t even have time to strip as soon as it hit the water he slammed it. Fall is my favorite time to fish because of the beautiful colors and big fish. So get out while you can and enjoy one of the greatest times to fish!!! 

Written By: Sean Montazeri



(Sean Montazeri is a 14 year old fishbum just added to our Pro staff. We look forward to more from Sean throughout the years)

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