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CATCH Fly Fishing Last weekend, CATCH staffer Alan Green and prospective CATCH designer Heather Hodson (she’s got a couple KILLER new patterns about to hit the books) went out for a little R&D on a favorite secluded stretch of a little North Idaho stream they don’t want to blab about.  Facing hot sun and finicky fish, but having the place for themselves, they got to test out some cool stuff for CATCH in a great environment.



IMG_9437 The fish were hungry, but they were pickier than a 3-year-old with a plate full of vegetables.  With predominantly PMDs and little yellow Sallies in the air, the fish were not exhibiting the usual feeding habits one expects with a mayfly or stonefly hatch.  It was tough to discern any sort of pattern, and the usual go-to patterns for these hatches were either getting nothing, or the equivalent of the trout middle finger – the “look-and-turn.”  But that doesn’t stop a CATCH staffer – it just makes us excited to try out our new stuff.



So into the boxes (check out our new CATCH fly boxes!)  we went for something that Just Tastes Better.  Alan went for a new flat wing foam hybrid yellow Sallie in a size 20 and right away picked up a couple nice 18″ fish.  Around the bend, Heather got even more creative, threw on some extra light tippet, and tied on the smallest damn thing I have ever seen – a size 26(!?!) clear-winged cream midge.  But in that crystal clear emerald pool with barely a trace of current, those fish started rising, looking and taking her offering with regularity. It is not easy to catch wary fish in gin clear slow water, but CATCH flies got it done again.


10509523_1505809576318271_7453871960706191059_n Oh, and remember that new Copper John color you all voted on recently?  Well it works.  The next hole down gave up a Westslope Cut so big it wouldn’t even fit in the net.


Never ones to rest on our laurels, the CATCH team is out fishing the water hard to figure out what is going to work for you.  Look for these new patterns soon, and in our upcoming 2015 catalog!  Oh, and also be on the lookout for Heather’s new series, including the Rainbow Brite and the Barbie!!  CATCH ’em Up!

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