Articulated Steelhead & Salmon Flies

About CATCH Articulated Salmon and Steelhead Flies

It doesn’t get any better, for me, than steelhead fishing. You are in the most beautiful, the most extreme environments.
You are fishing for large, powerful fish instilled with the energy of the ocean and the history and legend of ancient
peoples and times. And you are, more likely than not, freezing your ever-loving nuts off and not going to even touch a
fish. But it doesn’t matter. If you are doing it right there is a pork butt on the smoker back at the cabin, there’s whiskey
in the boat, and a few of your closest buddies getting testicular frostbite and moss rash standing in the turbid glacial
water with you. But not even any of that matters if you are not fishing with the confidence you can only get with a
CATCH designer’s articulated swinging fly.








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