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CATCH FLY FISHING dealers, guides, and outfitters arm fly anglers with the juiciest, tastiest, and most delectable flies in the industry. Don’t believe that we have the best flies for fly fishing? Check our 2020/2021 Catalog! We push all limits. Our flies have no equal.

Catch Fly Fishing 2020/2021

The year 2021.  Hard to believe.  Whether this is the future you’ve always imagined, or is an utter disappointment (really, no flying cars yet?)  the answer is the same.  Going fishing will still always make it better.

Every year when I sit down to write the copy for this catalog, it is an opportunity to reflect.  It’s time to take stock of the fly fishing industry and the world at large and think about how things have changed since last year.  Sometimes it’s hard to know whether the world is headed in the right direction, or is speeding down the highway to Hell.  Fortunately for us in fly fishing, things are usually much less daunting.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t apply ourselves to improvement just the same.

Improvement drives success.  Ours, and yours. So we must take stock of the areas in which a fly company can, and should, improve every year. Innovative patterns.  Product quality.  Delivery rates.  Price.  Let’s look closer, shall we?

Innovative Patterns.

As you will see in the (Gulp!) 320 pages of our 2020/2021 Catalog, we have about the widest variety of fly patterns in the industry.  This year we have again added dozens of exciting new patterns with new materials and new designs to our already insane repertoire.  If we keep this up, these books are just going to get ridiculous.

Product Quality.

The owners of CATCH spent an entire week this year combing through every bug in our inventory with our own bare hands to make an exhaustive quality inspection.  Every bug was checked for the right hook, the right color variant of materials, sunlight damage, size, and quality of production.  Every. Single. Bug.

Delivery Rates.

If you placed a pre-season order with us in 2019, you know.  CATCH was within a couple of percentage points of delivering every single bug that was ordered last year, on time.  That’s 98% of hundreds of thousands of units ordered.  But it doesn’t stop after pre-seasons.  We update our customers regularly with real-time inventory lists and available items so you don’t have to play the waiting game anymore, wondering for weeks if you are ever going to get the flies you need to make a living.


Inflation.  Rising wages. Tariffs.  The reasons that most fly companies are jacking their prices are many, and often good.  But CATCH doesn’t make excuses.  Our prices are still the lowest in the game, and they are always going to stay that way.  Which is amazing, considering you get the best product and the best customer service.

So, it looks like 2021 isn’t all that different at CATCH after all.  Just another year where…..

Our Flies Just Taste Better!

What Our Dealers, Outfitters & Guides Are Saying...

  • CATCH Fly Fishing has been extremely helpful and reliable in filling orders of QUALITY flies for my shop. On numerous occasions, they have quickly shipped back-fill orders on short notice.

    Chris Fleck Stillwater Anglers, Columbus, MT
  • I know of no other company where the owner will actually sit down and tie your flies for you so you can have flies in your bins. Great Company! Killer Flies!

    Duane Schreiner Bighorn Fly & Tackle Shop, Billings & Ft. Smith, MT
  • CATCH flies are everything you could ask for; expertly tied, consistent in pattern across all sizes and very innovative patterns. CATCH represents the best value in commercial fly tying.

    Dirk Fischbach Bailiwicks Outdoors, Dexter, MI
  • CATCH Flies are some of the best commercial flies I have fished. Their proportions, durability and ingenuity go a long way to helping our clients and guides catch more fish.”

    Zac Sexton Rock Creek Cattle Company, Deer Lodge, MT
  • CATCH has the best quality fly on a good hook that will hold up to these Beaverhead browns. If I could, I would use them exclusively!

    Brad Platt Anderson & Platt Fly Fishing, Dillon, MT
  • We are excited to be working with a company that not only has successful flies that CATCH fish, they have a refreshing attitude towards helping anglers and those connected to their business... a win-win!

    Sean Visintainer Owner, Silverbow Fly Shop, Spokane, WA
  • Catch Fly Fishing has consistently proven to be a reliable partner in our business and has always been able to fulfill our orders completely.

    Allen Gillespie Owner, 3 Rivers Angler, Knoxville, TN
  • Catch Fly Fishing helped us provide our clients with well-tied, effective and durable flies, designed specifically for muskies. They have been great, delivery quick and efficient plus, best of all, the flies WORK!

    Larry Mann Owner, Hayward Fly Fishing Company, Hayward, WI
  • Catch flies are quickly becoming a staple in our shop. We are extremely pleased with the quality and visual appeal of the Catch patterns that we stock. Our customers love the patterns and so do our fish!

    Tommy and Kevin Owners - South River Fly Shop - Waynesboro, Virginia
  • The CATCH Fly Box with the swing leaf was killer...Thank you!

    Alexander Fellow Angler
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