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CATCH FLY FISHING dealers, guides, and outfitters arm fly anglers with the juiciest, tastiest, and most delectable flies in the industry. Don’t believe that we have the best flies for fly fishing? Check our 2024/2025 Catalog! We push all limits. Our flies have no equal.

Catch Fly Fishing 2024/2025

Finally a new catalog! We have not printed a Catalog since 2020 or really introduced anything ground breaking for quite some time. (We do apologize) But the reasons for this are many and good, I’ll suffice it to say that all of our sacrifices are paying off and I am truly proud of where this company is going.

Catch Fly Fishing’s long-term goal, vision and strategy has always been to have even further influence over our quality control. For 12 years we have been on a quest to tie the best fly that money can buy.

This year we are taking this to the next level with our own facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand, one of the greatest fly tying capitals for over 30 years.

With our new facility in Thailand, we will finally be able to control every aspect of our tying process, be more creative and carry a much larger inventory.

Every single bug will go through a quality control checklist to insure you get the same bug every single time. We have always stood behind our product and this will not change. If for any reason you are not happy with anything, just let us know and we will fix it.

We have shrunk our fly offering by 4000 Sku’s and will continue to do so as we add and develop more of our brand and our style.

The staple patterns that have been around forever, will continue to be there, as well as most of our older designer patterns. But the end goal is to bring new innovative patterns only known to the CATCH brand through new designers and new ideas.

I hope as we continue through this new journey, you will stick with us as customers and continue to give your support and feedback. We truly appreciate your business.


-Eric BeeBe ( CEO and Founder )

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