Catch Steelhead & Salmon Patterns

About CATCH Steelhead Flies and Salmon Flies

I would like to use this small opportunity to get on the soap box and share some insight into the degradation of salmon
and steelhead habitat, the update and removal of dams, the rising temperature of the oceans and continued wanton
pollution of the seas with millions of tons of macro and micro plastics, all of which seriously impact the ever dwindling
runs of these majestic creatures. I’d like to. But you’ve read enough of these to know I’m not that erudite. For most of
us, whether there are one million, or just one of these beautiful fish, we’ll probably try to catch it. Just make sure you do two
things: be gentle with the poor thing – it’s come a long way; and use a CATCH fly if you even want a chance.


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