Bighorn River with Friends


CATCH Owner and founder Eric BeeBe, CATCH Fly Designer and Pro Staff member James Cranford, Good friends Mike Stephens, Vanessa (Last name withheld because she’s already too famous.)and Kory, decided to hit the Bighorn yesterday with 50 MPH winds and some newly designed flies to catch fish and to have fun.


We started out early and got on the water around 8 AM, the weather was absolutely perfect, overcast skies, no wind and approximately 50 degrees outside, we couldn’t ask for a better day.

We floated down to the second island known as the “Glory Hole” and tucked ourselves in for the day.

Vanessa's 1rst Brown

Vanessa was the first to hook up and land a fish, which is pretty remarkable considering she’s never fished before. She was quite the natural as she would say and she actually wanted to hold the fish. This girl was absolutely amazing! I see a bright future for her in the industry. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Mike's Brown

Mike was next to get on board with a nice little Brownie and then we were off to the races. The fishing really picked up around 10 AM, and stayed solid throughout the day. We had everyone hooked up down the bank on more than one occasion. But the most amazing thing to happen was

Kory's Broken Rodwhen Kory hooked up and we watched two fish jump out of the water, hooked up at the same time. Kory managed to land one, but broke his rod in the process. I don’t know if I would have this big of a smile on my face if I would have just broken my brand new Sage One fly rod. I guess that’s why there are warranties.

Vanessa's 22" Brown

Vanessa even managed to catch the biggest fish of the day a nice healthy 22″ Brown. I wish I was this good when I started out. She caught the first fish, the most fish and the biggest fish during the day. Not a bad feat for someone who has never fished before and while being surrounded by 4 experienced fisherman.

Vanessa Rowing

Vanessa even decided to take the oars for a little bit. All I can say is I believe we may have a future female Pro Staff member on our hands.

All in all it was a pretty good trip for all and it was great to get out on the Bighorn River with friends and CATCH family members.


Here are a few more pics for you.

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