Aaron SkerikFly Designer

    “West by Midwest” might be the best way to describe Aaron’s fly fishing career and overall outlook on the greatest places for one to explore some of the world’s greatest fly fishing opportunities.

    Growing up chasing after the hatchery truck dumping stockers into the marginal trout streams of rural farming communities as a kid to chasing steelhead and hex hatches up and down the Great Lakes tribs as a young adult to moving further west to fish the big rivers and spring creeks Aaron has guided in several states, tied commercially and been involved in fly design for many years–It’s an obsession.

    Regardless of state or season, from Montana to Michigan Aaron is thinking about flies 24/7. “Whether I’m on the water, in the shops or on the vise I’m always thinking about the next new way to create a fly that will delight both the fish and fisherman alike.”

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