Soren is a native of the Inland Northwest. He grew up fishing the trout streams of northern Idaho from a young age, and has never lost the itch.  A while back, he left the foothills of the Rockies for the salt of the Puget Sound and spent more than a decade living in Seattle while training in medicine where he broadened his fishing endeavors to the steelhead and salmon runs of Coast.  Recently he returned to home to Spokane with his family and once again is chasing the trout of the inland waters – though the steel in Eastern Washington and Idaho aren’t safe either.  In addition to his practice as an orthopedic surgeon, Soren is an integral part of CATCH, custom boat builder, fly designer and sportsman.  The man doesn’t sleep. And the precision hands of the surgeon are exactly what you want on the vise.  When he’s not casting he’s passing the torch to his young son, raising another generation of fly angler, and another steady hand at the tying desk and on the oars.

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