Joshua-abelJosh AKA “Trout” is co-owner, managing member and vice president of finance and technology at Catch Fly Fishing.

And yes he’s obsessed with Salmonidae . Not a day passes by when he doesn’t think about frolicing in cold, clear, trout laden water.

Josh also leads a team of computer scientists, engineers, 3D artists, designers, digital producers, communicators and creative problem solvers as CEO and GM of Gravity Jack.  Josh is also the Principal of imaginary_trout|.

If he isn’t out angling in the Great PNW or Montana, Trout’s probably outside somewhere shredding single track on his full suspension, tracking through snow on his fat bike, skiing, snowshoeing, camping or at the helm of his barbecue machine enjoying life with friends, family and his Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

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