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About Jonathan Zukowski:

Jonathan Zukowski 1 I grew up in New Hampshire fly-fishing the many rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds that surround me. The waterbody that has had the most impact on myself has been the Pemigewasset River, conveniently flowing through my backyard. Fishing for brook trout on this river was what really got me into fly-fishing at the age of 7.  My family would take annual trips to Maine to fish for salmon and trout. Each time we would return from a Maine trip I would take to the “Pemi” from sun up to sun down, days in a row.

I am currently still living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and enjoying the fishing opportunities as much as ever. I fish for a wide variety of species such as trout, pike, bass, and landlocked salmon. Since the winters are long and cold here in New Hampshire (as I write this the temperature outside is -18 degrees), I spend a lot of time tying flies and looking ahead to the warmer months. I started tying flies when I was in high school as a project for art class. I can still recall the reaction of my art teacher and fellow students the day I brought in a deteriorating cardboard box filled with various animal parts.

Within the last few years I have met so many wonderful people through fly-fishing. Visiting new places and fishing new water has also been a great experience. Vermont, Maine, New York, and Alaska are some of my favorite locations that I have pursued fish. I look forward to travelling and fishing new destinations in the future.

I feel it necessary to give a shout out to my crew The Uncommon Angler. We are a tight knit group of hardcore anglers from across the east coast. Check us out at or visit our Facebook page, you will find the blog, top-notch photography, videos, and more. It is a pleasure to be joining the talented CATCH fly-fishing team.


Sadly Johnny Z passed away on April 6, 2022.
You will be missed!

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