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IMG_20150724_102331 Growing up in the Chicago suburbs had always been very taxing on my soul. It wasn’t until rather recently I had found my cure all. My family had always made the summer migration to Wisconsin’s northwoods, where I would jig bait from my dad’s rowboat. It wasn’t until a few
years ago, that I was told I had an addiction to fishing. I had accepted the fact with open embrace and set out to learn all I could. Soon after, I purchased my first fly rod and began tying to help pay for the hobby. I became captivated with the beauty of the brookie on the dry and the
savage strike of the muskie. If I’m not behind the vice, I’m wading the streams of Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan, or chatting it up at the only remaining Fly Shops in the suburbs. In fall, you could find me religiously chasing Milwaukee browns. I have found my true
calling and try to make it my every living moment.

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