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Chris Madson Chris Madson grew up on Big Goose Creek in the heart of the Bighorn Mountains. At a young age he started fishing and enjoying the outdoors. He has always been an outdoors junky, with a desire for fly fishing and adventure. He received his first fly rod and vise at an early age and was hooked. He began tying simple patterns, but his obsession continued to grow and so did his ability to trick those big fish. He continues to create  and tweak patterns to entice all types of fish.

He began fishing in small streams, but as his passion grew, so did the water. He enjoys fishing all bodies of water including small mountain streams, tailwater fisheries, western rivers, ocean flats and large Canadian Lakes.

As an avid fly fisherman and guide, he has spent most of his life fishing in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii and Belize, but his true love is the far North regions of Canada, chasing large Pike on the fly.

His love for fly fishing continues to take him to those awesome places where the big fish call home.

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