Bjorn Ostby with a Big Horn Rainbow

About Bjorn Ostby

Bjorn Ostby Lead Fly Designer with an OP Steelhead

Bjorn Ostby releasing an Olympic Peninsula

Bjorn Ostby has been around fly fishing since he was old enough to wear a life jacket and drop his dad’s fiberglass rods out of the family canoe.  Having grown up in the inland northwest for his entire life, Bjorn has had the opportunity to fish the blue ribbon trout streams of Idaho and Montana, the lakes of eastern Washington, and world- renowned steelhead rivers of the Pacific Northwest.  Being able to easily access these fly testing laboratories in his backyard has allowed him to conduct plenty of “research.” This is evident in the wide variety of flies and in the effectiveness of his creations.  When Bjorn’s not trying to slap fish in the face with his articulated streamers, coax a chromer into eating one of his swung flies, or deceive a selective trout with a tiny morsel, Bjorn can be found snowboarding in the mountains or addictively supporting Arsenal, his favorite English football (soccer) team.

Bjorn’s flies are an eclectic mix of modern and traditional materials and designs. His tying interests include everything from size 22 midges to huge articulated, meaty streamers for enticing the most aggressive of fish to turn cannibalistic. When nothing else is working, try one of his flies.

“Fly fishing has introduced me to some of my best friends, allowed me to discover some of the most beautiful places in the world, and provides time to get away and recharge my batteries. When a big trout gobbles a drake, slams a streamer, or you get that unforgettable surprise of a tug on the swing nothing else matters; if my flies can help another angler get that feeling, that’s pretty satisfying!”


Bjorn Ostby’s Fly Designs

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