Adam HopeFly Designer

    As a teenager I was on the fast track to a career in professional bass fishing. That all changed on my fourteenth birthday when my father took me to an outdoor show where I  purchased my first fly rod…

    It’s safe to say that my life truly began when I was fourteen. I enrolled in the fly fishing school of hard knocks and learned through my own failure. Now over a decade later I can say it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. To this day I’ve never been on a guided trip and have no urge to. I’m a do it yourself angler at heart. I’ve caught everything from trout to tarpon but my true love is Cyprinus carpio. This species has me captivated. They are truly amazing and have my utmost respect. The pursuit of carp has consumed my fly fishing career to the point where I’ve lost all motivation to fish for anything else. I’m excited to be a part of the fly design team here at CATCH.

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