Susan Karp

Susan Karp

Susan Karp

Susan is self-taught artist who grew up in Northern Wyoming. Her dad was an oil painter and her mom a classical guitarist.  This makes for a very creative child who is still coloring and sketching her way through life.

Susan chose medical sales as a career, but uses her drawing and painting to reduce stress.  “I sit in business meetings and while listening sketch the presenter in my notes,  thinking of the colors to make his tie pop.”  It wasn’t until years after her Dad passed away, rumaging through his oil painting supplies, that she knew she needed to paint to feel complete. “I am using the same pallet knives he used.  That inspires me.”

Susan found her style by trying out different brushes and tools.  She soon fell in love with the various sizes and shapes of the pallet knive.  “I can create and interesting effect by stacking and carving the paint.”  She paints all kinds of subjects from wildlife and fish to people and buildings. Her work is identified by its layers and layers of color and texture.

“I believe fine art should be the focus of a room not an accessory.  Whether it is bold in color or soft and reflective it should be a conversation waiting to happen. If the color draws you in and the texture makes you want to touch, I have done what I have set out to do as an artist.”

Susan lives in Billings, Montana with her husband Rick, 5 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats. With all of that you can see why she paints……a lot!

( You can see Susan’s great work on her website Susan Karp Art )

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