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My name is Tyler Boxleitner, 12 year old competitive fly fisherman on the Colorado Youth Fly Fishing team. From living in the city of Loveland, right next to the mountains, outdoors is in my blood. Hunting, hiking, and camping all are fun, but fly fishing really stands out for me. There is nothing better than going out on an amazing warm afternoon and flipping bugs. I started fly fishing when I was 9 years old. It took lots of practice, dedication, and time to get to where I am now. I spend 300 days on the water and the other 65 on my vise, tying anything from hoppers to droppers. Fly fishing is a great way to have fun and be challenged at one time for me. Fly fishing is gonna be my hobby till the day I die.

Tyler Boxleitner’s Flies

Boxleitner’s Scudback Streamer SKU: CDPTB1001 Sizes: 12

Boxleitner’s Scudback Streamer
Sizes: 12

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