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Shelly EhmerShelly Ehmer lives the surreal life..

A 3rd generation native Californian who grew up between Southern California, and the small rural towns of central Oregon. Living back and forth between these places more than likely instilled the traveling gypsy in her. Someday she’ll find where her destiny truly belongs, until then you can find Shelly following the rhythms of the water and the land, plying the currents for wild trout.

As a kid growing up there were always chores to be done, fishing was Shelly’s “treat” from her parents, and once she was finished with helping the family, fishing was her great escape, her everything. Shelly’s time on the water was very valuable to her, that treat has long since turned into a passion which eventually led Shelly into the career of a professional fly fishing guide.

Some of the water’s that have sculpted Shelly, and made her who she is today include Oregon’s rivers, especially the John Day, and the Columbia, and various ponds and lakes in the surrounding area. California’s Kern River, Owens River, Crowley Lake, Bridgeport, and Silverwood were a major impact in her fishing, teaching her the valuable tools she uses today. She took on the big water of the great Pacific Ocean,  fishing up and down the beautiful coastline hunting for big game, which taught her even more. She chased large trout into Idaho at Henry’s lake, The Henry’s Fork, Fall River, the Teton River, and the mighty Snake River.

Wanting even more, the call came, and she moved on to the legendary Bighorn River where she guides today for the Bighorn Angler in Fort Smith Montana

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