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IMG_7727Born and raised on the prairies of North Central Montana, where shooting prairie dogs and wrestling calves was the sport of choice rather than fly-fishing. It wasn’t until later in life, I moved to Missoula for college. It was here that I fell in love with the river, craft beer, and most importantly fly-fishing. I will never forget my first time standing in the middle of a river with a native cutthroat on my line, and after only my 2nd cast. My life was changed. All I wanted to do after catching that first fish on a fly; was eat, sleep and breathe fly-fishing.

Two years later, I met a man from Billings who loved fly-fishing more than I did. (I didn’t even know that was possible.) Whether it is perfecting my cast, teaching me new flies to tie, helping me read the river or simply to give me a pat on the back after landing a beautiful fish, Jon is there to help me. I’ve taken the passion of fly-fishing to a whole new level thanks to my husband.

We currently live in a bush Alaskan, fishing village and have experienced some of the most ridiculous fly-fishing yet. We spend 9 months of our year teaching and squeezing in as many “after school and weekend fly-fishing adventures as possible” and the other 3 months adventuring and fly-fishing in Montana. Although Alaska may spoil me from time to time with countless fish in a day, I love the rewarding feeling of fishing more difficult small streams and catching one memorable fish in a day, in Montana.

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