About Matt Thompson aka “Montana Matt”

Matt Thompson was introduced to flyMatt Thompson fishing when he was ten years old and has never looked back. He grew up living in Colorado fishing the Taylor, Arkansas, “Dream Stream” and the San Juan but would always visit his Dad in Montana for the summers. As soon as he was done with school he headed back to Montana. His favorite river in Montana is the Big Horn because any day you can catch the trout of a lifetime!!  Matt also loves to fish the Stillwater, Boulder, Yellowstone, Madison, Big Hole and out west on the Flathead for Big Bull Trout. One of his favorite memories is going into the Bob Marshall wilderness and catching one of the biggest Bull Trout on record.

Matt went to guide school at Hubbards guide academy and received a certificate to guide. He loves fishing and believes every day on the river is such a blessing. He is known as “Montana Matt”  in Billings because of his love for Montana.

     ” I Love CATCH Flies They Just Taste Better !!!”

                                        ——Matt Thompson

(Be sure to check out Matt’s antics at his Montana Matt Blog)

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