Mark Jero 1Mark Jero was born and raised in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado and grew up catching
trout on a spin rod with his father on the South Platte River at Eleven Mile Reservoir. He moved
to Vail, Colorado in 1992 and he spent 15 years as a professional snowboarder. After observing
a fly fisherman catching dozens of trout in the river one day, he went to the store and bought a
used fly rod, and has been “Hooked” ever since. Now he has developed a deep passion for fly
fishing and fly designing. Whether he is guiding on local Colorado waters or hosting trips to
southern Mexico, fly fishing only takes a backseat to one thing, the love of his life Johanna. Now
he has the backing and encouragement to go after his dream of fishing and teaching others how
amazing it is. Conservation is such an important part of fishing that many people are unaware
of and educating is so key to the future of all fish and fly fisherman everywhere. It doesn’t
matter if it’s your first time or your 10,000th time. Not many things are as rewarding as catching
a fish on a fly that you have tied yourself. You can rested assured that he will be fly fishing for
life or until the sunscreen wears out. So let’s go “CATCH “some fish!
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