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IMG_0639For the past few years, you could find me in central and eastern Montana, fly fly-fishing various rivers and isolated mountain lakes. My thirst for fly-fishing has been virtually unquenchable for past five years or so. Almost all of my free time between work and college life has been dedicated to my fly-fishing life. Life got sweeter nearly two years ago as I encountered a woman (Shelby) with the same passions as myself. I made her my wife. Last year, we moved up to bush Alaska to live, teach, adventure, and most importantly, fly-fish. We are immensely spoiled with Alaskan fly-fishing, getting to enjoy various salmon species, Grayling, Dollies, Pike, and beautiful Rainbow trout. During the summers, we return to our roots, Montana, the last best place. I still hold a spot near and dear to my heart for small Montanan streams, spicy browns, bullies, and brook trout. Until our permanent return to Montana, we will thoroughly enjoy all of our Alaskan fly-fishing experiences, while I plan to get my feet wet in the guiding business in the near future. See you on the river, tight lines.

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