Chattaroy, Washington

Kevin posing with a Grande Ronde steelie

Kevin Eneroth began his fly fishing journey a little later than others. He fished some as a younger lad, but his wife (then girlfriend) had been fly fishing since a very young age with her family. She had to bug him for a couple years before he said ” OK lets try this boring activity.” After a 30 minute crash course on all there is to know about fly fishing, It was into the old family canoe. He tied on a renegade fly to his leader and cast it out. It took probably 3-4 hours of staring at a little fly and finally up came a trout and he ate the fly! From that moment he was HOOKED! And hooked bad. he now revolves his life around fly fishing. Vacations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, ect. are almost always around fly fishing. He even named his first born after a mayfly! (Drake). 

He now spends all year round chasing his slippery little friends. Whether it’s trout with his 4 wt. or jackin line on one of his Spey Rods with a big sink tip, searching the water for the ghost we call Steelhead, it has become a lifestyle. When he is not out chasing fish, you can find him camping with friends and family or running some whitewater in his raft. He lives in a great area within a short distance for many outdoor activities. From the great coastal waters of the OP, to the great south western Montana trout waters, he feels fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Fly tying just evolved from his fly fishing, and thinking he could save money,which he now knows was not the case. He just helped out his friends at the local fly shop with there bills. But being able to learn and try new patterns and colors and find little secrets that proved to be more effective than the old staple flies purchased from his local fly shop. This passion to chase fish and be creative with his patterns and designs has been very fulfilling and keeps me driven to design better patterns all the time.

I have met a lot of great people and great friends from fly fishing and I feel very fortunate for that.

I am honored to be part of the Catch Fly Fishing design team!





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