Joe Dipietro
Joe DiPietro

Joe DiPietro,
Blue Ridge, GA

As Joe DiPietro grew up in central-Illinois and central-Florida, he fished every  pond, river, lake, swamp, canal, grassflat and mudhole he could manage to. From his earliest childhood memory of trout fishing a small prairie pond, all of Joe’s life has included fishing.

During college at USF in Tampa, Joe, rediscovered his love for fly-fishing, which he’d first found bream fishing as a kid. As soon Joe earned his degree, he quickly relocated to Southern Appalachia.

Today, not much is different. Everything Joe does, both for fun and for a living, involves fishing in some aspect.

Joe is a fly-fishing guide for North Georgia Trout Fishing, on the Toccoa River, near Blue Ridge, Ga.

While not outdoors, Joe works as The Editor of The Angler Magazine, Atlanta, and also regularly contributes articles and photography to a handful of regional outdoor publications in the Southeast.

My twist on fly-tying is simple, and it comes from what I see in practice, not just guiding, but also while fishing with other pros,” Joe said. “Bottom line — it’s got to work, not just look good. I got started tying in order to keep up with the demand of my clients who expected me to always have the right flies. But in the end, I’ve wound up addicted to tying and it’s become much more to me than simply meeting a demand.”

Joe fly-fishes the waters of north Georgia and east Tennessee every day, seeking trout and striped bass.

Joe DiPietro’s Flies

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Pietro’s Hobo Mayfly Emerger
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