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Anthony Mule Anthony J. Mulé 18, shop pro at Riverview Fly Shop in St. Clair, MI. started fly fishing in the canals behind his parent’s cottage on St. John’s Marsh at an the early age of 8. He taught himself how to tie flies with his father’s vise and salt water materials at the age of 12.
He brings his young, fresh perspective to the fly tying community. He’s been self-taught at the art of fly tying and is not afraid to try new material and combine traditional patterns to come up with new patterns to expand the fly fisherman’s repertoire.
His goal is to expand his talents by getting his captain’s license and become a guide to foster more awareness of the fly fisherman outside of the traditional trout fishing and into the vast opportunities offered on the St. Clair waterways.

Athony Mule’s Fly Designs Coming Soon!

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